Leslie Gilbert Illingworth – French withdrawal from Algeria

I don’t know the history of this conflict, and I don’t know much about Leslie Gilbert Illingworth. He didn’t seem to do a lot of scratchboard work for his political cartoons. What interests me here is the visual journey. The composition keeps my eye moving around it. There isn’t a lot of detail, but the high contrast light reveals the story in silhouette.

Russ McMullin – George Washington with American flag background

This piece isn’t new. It’s been sitting around, patiently waiting for me to decide how to finish it. It had a solid back background that seemed to be calling for more personality. I envisioned an American flag backdrop and today was the day to try it. My wife likes it, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Mario Zucca – Scratchboard Illustrations with color

How Mario Zucca manages to say so much with so few lines is a testament to his talent. His illustration style is clear and easy to read, and his color works well. I would guess that the color is probably done digitally. On his website he has a series of portraits from his high school yearbook in scratchboard. They are quirky and fun to look at.

Several things about this image are worth mentioning. I love the textures on the surface of the table and the floor. They are made with rows of line segments. This gives more character to the surface than if the lines were totally straight and continuous. The lamp is another example of varied line treatments as it turns from dark to light.