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My name is Russ McMullin and I’ve been working in scratchboard for about 20 years. I use this site to talk about scratchboard and related scratchboard products, as well as to talk about great scratchboard artists.

The content I post from other artists generally comes from Google searches in my quest for really cool scratchboard work. A few times I have contacted them directly. When I search I look for images with solid design and a nice handling of value, form, and texture. Basically, I look for images I consider to be excellent examples of scratchboard – images I want to come back to and admire.

I avoid posting images that are too small to see details, or that have watermarks or large copyright symbols on them. I also avoid posting work from sites that make a strong declaration of their copyright restrictions. I figure if someone is worried about having their work copied they might have a problem with me posting it on my site. If you are the copyright owner of work I have posted and would like it removed, I am happy to comply.

Having said that, if there are great scratchboard artists I am missing, I would like to know about them. If I like their work I will certainly post some examples.

Email Me

If you have an interest in seeing my work, you can find me at www.mcmullincreative.com.

4 thoughts on “About Russ McMullin

  1. I am living in France, where is it becoming very difficult to find art supplies.
    Could you recommend where can I buy scratch boards and tools? What brands do you recommend? Thank you for posting the work of these fine artists.

  2. Debra, I’m not sure what supplies are available in France. Essdee Scraperboard is made in Europe, so it may be available there. Ampersand products are made in the US, so I’m not sure how available they are. I tend to use Ampersand scratchboard these days, mainly because it is more available. Essdee makes an excellent product. Here are some online retailers that may ship internationally:

    Dick Blick
    Daniel Smith
    Jerry’s Artarama (I shop here because they have a store nearby)

  3. Hi Russ.

    I trie to make my own scratch boards with polyester paper and ink, but the result is not good.
    Do you know some kind of tutorial about?

    Thanks a lot for this wonderfull web, and please excuse my poor english.

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